Can not update/reinstall/sync Onedrive – and how to solve it!

Trying to update Onedrive on my Windows 10 machine. Just stands there doing nothing, fails update and runs at a high CPU. Here is the solution (thanks to some person on the internet). Make sure to enable “view all files and folders” first.

Go to your onedrive user folder:


Delete these files: user*something*telemetry (should be two of them)

Then go to


Run the update file. (Before running the file, check taskmanager and kill all onedrive related processes).

Done! Updates!


Got a good tip from Rosalyn Arntzen.

So I had a similar problem and tried a few things that didn’t work and it seems LOTs of people are getting these issues including being told to create new user accounts, copy profiles from other machines, etc (please don’t – yuk!)

The below steps fixed my OneDrive and I just then had to reconnect it to the previous folder location for everything to “re-synch”.

To uninstall:
kill the process first
taskkill /f /im OneDrive.exe
run the command line:
64-bit: %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall
32-bit: %SystemRoot%\System32\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall

To Re-install, run (one of these will work)

This article is helpful in understanding “why” OneDrive breaks (although Microsoft really should have ensured it didn’t) –

And also – Make sure that the new client feature is enabled in Sharepoint (If you have problem with the actual sync and not just the update). With the new client you will need to activate the client sync feature in Sharepoint admin portal.


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