How to: Create the best portable browser ever. Really.

So I got tired of Firefox. It just got slower and slower and it seems as it has played out. Edgebrowser is “ok” – and chrome is awesome – except for the fact that it knows too much.

The Answer? Chromium portable. All the goodness from Chrome without the evesdropping. And you can just smack on on dropbox and have the same browser settings and everything else synced between computers.

Step 1: Download Chrlauncher (Scroll to bottom)

Step 2: Extract Chrlauncher in a Dropbox/Onedrive/Whatever folder you wish to use.

Step 3: Run the “SetDefaultBrowser.bat” in the extracted Chrlauncher folder as admin. (rightclick->run as admin)

Step 4: Go to “Start” -> “Control panel” -> “Default programs” -> “Set your default programs” -> “chrlauncher” and set all checkboxes on.

Step 5: Download the latest build for Chromeium 

Step 6: Extract the Zipfile into the Chrlauncher folders bin folder. So if you choose to install Chrlauncher in C:\launcher you would just extract all the data from the Chromium Zip into C:\launcher\bin .

Step 7: Create a Shortcut to Chrlauncher (and not chromium itself). Start your chromium using that shortcut and it will download the latest version automatically.

Done. Enjoy.

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