Mount shares from Sharepoint/Onedrive with OneDriveMapper as a network folder

Edit: Updated 2017-11-22 – People seem to have problems with the New Login experience. Seems Jos has created a new version. Check out:

Needed this for a client that has way to many files for sync and uses windows 7 (which means no select sync).

After having reviewed different solutions such as Mountainduck or Zeedrive I stumbled on this script. It’s awesome. It mounts the drive on startup if its missing and works.

All credits to the script goes to this guy.

Lets get to it:

  1. Download the script (Check out the Gitlab version, technet is not updated).
  2. Disable Filelocking.
  3. Edit the script. You only need to fiddle with the first 20 settings.

Here are the settings that I changed (below), You should read it all and test it properly for your needs. I needed the Personal Onedrive AND a sharepoint document library to be mounted. Also I added the Username/Password straight in the file (I know – bad, but works). There is a possibility to have an external file with U/P. I will update the post when I figure that out.

4. Test the script.

5. If you want to add the script to startup – check out my post How to run a powershellscript on startup .

6. Done! Now the folders will mount using Webdav and runs smoothly. This was tested on Windows 10.


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