Skype for Business in Office 365 – Which version?

Memo for self. And the ones reading this.

What is the difference between Skype, skype for business basic and what can be done or not? I’ve read up on different sources and they all tell different tales – so here it is. 

The first confusion is – the difference between STANDALONE plans (Skype Online Plan 1 and Plan 2) and those included in different Office 365 plans. 

The difference between Plan 1 and Plan 2 standalone are the following:

  • You CAN run any client with either plan 1 or plan 2 (If i got it right). But you can only use the functions that your license permits.

Plan 1 does NOT have the following:

  • Desktop Sharing
  • Powerpoint Sharing
  • Or any other sharing of any kind
  • You can’t not create any Adhoc or schedule meetings
  • No presenter controls/video controls – nothing.

Plan 1 is basically for people who only connect to meeting and don’t need anything else. Pretty worthless in my opinion, because it’s only a matter of time when they want to use some function which are not included. Avoid like the plague. Or use the free Skype client.

Plan 2 has ALL the features, except for the enterprise stuff (Such as PBX etc).

Difference between Skype plans

  • Plan 2 are included in ALL Office 365 plans. Plan 1 seems like a standalone option only.
  • Skype for Business Online is NOT available on Office 365 Enterprise K1 / Goverment K1
  • Business Essentials/Business Premium/E1- E5 include PLAN 2 (all Features except for Enterprise stuff). E1-E5 can upgrade to Skype for Entreprise (PBX / Broadcast etc).

The different clients:

Users can download any Skype for Business client (except for Entreprise). Which means Lync 2010->Skype Basic and Skype for Business. But they can only use the functions that their license gives them. 

Skype for Business (Web):

You can start/join meetings online through the browser. One uses the web version if nothing is installed on the local machine. Works on any license.

Skype for Business Basic (201X):

Designed for people who uses the standalone Plan 1. And even then, they can use any other client, but Skype Basic is targeted at standalone Plan 1. Less functions.

Skype for Business (201X):

For people with standalone Plan 2 or any Office 365 plan (Business Essentials->E5). More functions.

Skype for Enterprise (201X):

Only for E plans with added functions such as PBX. Not included by default in ANY plan, has to be bought seperately.

Lync for Business (201X) 

For Mac Users. Skype was not meant to run on Mac. A lot of functions has been stripped out. Check the client comparison table below.

Good stuff:

Correct me if I am misstaken. It’s a damned jungle, but I think I got it right.

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